dual flush conversion kit – retrofit your existing toilet

You can convert any toilet to save water by using a dual flush conversion kit. We stock a range of universal dual flush conversion kits that you can install yourself with no mess or fuss in under 15 minutes.

Dual flush conversion kit – retrofit your existing toilet

Dual flush toilets have become increasingly popular because of the increasing awareness of environmental concerns, but also increasing financial pressure.  You can use a dual flush conversion kit to turn your existing toilet into a water saving toilet and reduce your utility bill at the end of each month. Dual flush toilets give you the option to perform a full flush for solid waste or a half flush for liquid waste. With this design, you’re not only conserving water, but by doing that you’re also saving money on your water bill.

Choosing the right dual flush conversion kit

There are dual flush conversion kits for all different makes and  types of toilets. You should choose the correct kit based on the size of the inside drain and the style of toilet and actuator that you have. Here is a tool to help you choose an appropriate kit: Help me choose a dual flush conversion kit.

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water saving toilets – reduce, reuse, retrofit

Toilets use about 30% of the total water used in a household. An old style single flush toilet can use up to 13 liters of water in one flush. New, more water-efficient dual-flush water saving toilets use only 8-9 liters for a full flush and 4-5 liters with a reduced flush. A family of four can save a swimming pool of water a year by using a water saving toilets.

water saving toilets that reduce the amount used per flush (dual flush toilets)

Dual flush toilets have become incredibly popular in areas such as Asia, Europe, Australia, South Africa and are fast catching on in the States. Most toilets sold today include a dual flush option; one for flushing solid waste and one for liquid waste. Flushing liquid waste naturally will use much less water than flushing solid waste.
These toilets work differently from standard toilets. Where a standard toilet will use a siphoning method to get rid of the waste, a dual flush toilet has a larger trap way in the bottom of the bowl and pushes waste out. The latter uses much less water – under 4.5 liters is used for a short flush and about 9 liters for a long flush – and waste goes out more easily.
With this design, you’re not only conserving water, but by doing that you’re also saving money on your water bill. Dual flush toilets save almost 70% of the water that is typically required for a standard toilet, and replacing an older toilet would generate much more savings. With the rising cost of water and increasing concern for preserving our environment, it is easy to see why the dual-flush toilet is becoming so popular in our world today. Although these toilets cost slightly more than standard toilets, the price difference has narrowed significantly, you find that the long-term savings will quickly add up.
It is also possible to retrofit your existing toilets at home or at the office with a dual flush conversion kit and make.

water saving toilets that reuse grey water and or rain water to flush

Even greater savings can be achieved by recycling bath, shower, rain water (this is called grey water) to flush toilets. Soon legislation will force the installation of dual flush toilets in all new buildings in many countries around the world. On property upgrades or ownership changes on existing buildings, owners will be forced to replace old toilets with dual flush or convert the existing toilet to dual flush.

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Sink aerator faucet for saving water

In general a faucet aerator (or tap aerator) is attached to the tip of modern indoor water faucets. Aerators create a no-splash stream and often delivering a mixture of water and air. A specially designed water saving sink aerator faucet can help you to use water more efficiently and reduce your utility bills.

How a water saving sink aerator faucet works

The water saving sink aerator faucet has a finger touch operated valve to switch the water on and off. This means you can turn on the water with your hands already in position under the stream. This prevents the wastage of water while you turn the knobs or adjust spigots to open and close the faucet. This provides a consistent water pressure and temperature for each usage. It also saves substantial amounts of water that are usually wasted during spigot adjustment.
Another advantage is that the faucet area remains cleaner and more  sanitary because there are no wet dripping hands to operate the faucet spigots or lever.

A water saving sink aerator faucet serves the following purposes:

  • Prevent splashing
  • Shaping the water stream coming out of the faucet spout
  • Water conservation and reduction in energy costs
  • Quick and easy access to water without adjusting pressure and temperature each time
  • Reducing faucet noise
  • To increase the perceived water pressure (useful in homes with low water pressure)

Water conservation and energy reduction with a sink aerator faucet

Because the aerator limits the water flow through the faucet, water use is reduced as compared to the same time of flow without an aerator. In the case of hot water, because less water is used, less heat energy is used too.

Perceived water pressure with a sink aerator faucet

The perception of water pressure is actually the speed of the water as it hits a surface, (eg: your hands). When an aerator is added to the faucet, there is a region of high pressure created behind the aerator. Because of the higher pressure behind the aerator and the low pressure in front of it (outside the faucet), there is an increase in velocity of the fluid flow.

Touch operated valve on a sink aerator faucet

This finger touch operated water valve switches the water on and off right at the faucet outlet, providing quick water access without the need to adjust the spigots or lever each time. This provides consistent water pressure and temperature every time you use the faucet. It also reduces the amount of water wasted during spigot adjustment.

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