Automatic Toilet Flush for Cats

Potty Trained Cats . . .
There is a new and fast growing trend for cat lovers who train their felines on how to use a human toilet. They are tired of the traditional litter box that is not only messy and smelly, but also poses a health threat to their family members. They are further interested in reducing costs and the environmental impact as litter can amount to several hundred dollars per year and add unnecessary stress to our landfills – over 2 million tons of litter are dumped each year and more importantly, clumping litter is not at all biodegradable.
If you have made the decision to toilet train your kitties or they have already been trained, we as fellow cat lovers and conservationists applaud your efforts! There is an abundance of information on the web and several different potty kits available for getting your kitty to use the throne. However, a major concern that is mentioned over and over again is that the cat obviously can’t flush the toilet after using it . . . but actually it can!
Our FlushMinder Automatic Dual Flush System offers the perfect solution. This high tech product senses when the cat has left the toilet, then seconds later, automatically flushes, eliminating any odor or evidence. The unit is also very quiet, so most cats get used to it quickly or even return to watch the flush. Further, the dual flush feature offers the same water saving benefits for a #1 potty vs a #2 potty just the same as with human usage.
No other autoflush kit on the market offers these dual-flush features.
Customers who have been successful using the FlushMinder for their cats have suggested removing the toilet lid so the unit can be mounted right on the front of the tank where the cat presence will be detected, as well for preventing an unsuspecting human from accidentally closing the lid. But either placement choice is fine and it’s also possible to locate the sensor off to the side if preferred as long as the installation guidelines are followed.
See more testimonies and tips below from cat happy customers. We’d like to graciously thank “MLK“ for providing a video of her 2 kitties (one kitten and one older) with the FlushMinder in action.
Please watch her videos below . . . cats are amazing!
The device is easy to install
By Bo Li on March 17, 2015
“I got it for my cat as I am training him to use the toilet. The device is easy to install. It took me around 20 minutes – mainly to adjust/configure the the full and half tank flush. I had to take the lid off the toilet seat and put the sensor on the front side of the tank on the lower part. It waits for the cat to linger and finishes then auto flush about 10 seconds after the cat jumps off. Also the motor doesn’t make much of the sound when it operates so the cat is not disturbed. Love the product!”
By MLK on February 18, 2015
“I recently purchased the FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System DIY Complete Kit. My reason for purchase was due to my Cats. My 2 year old cat and 6 month old kitten were about to finish potty training. YES- No more litter box!
As I got close to the end of the training I quickly learned that in order to be successful I would need a consistently clean and flushed toilet. Well with 2 cats and a full time job out of the house- the math was not working out! I researched multiple flushing systems and decided the flush minder would best suit my needs. It offered a delayed flush time to allow the cat to finish it’s business before the flush AND a water saving option for when a full flush was not necessary. I would not only be saving on litter costs but now on my water bill as well!!
I got the kit in the mail very quick and installed it the night it came. Set up took about 30 minutes with some tweaking. Because the kit is designed for human use I did some minor adaptations to make it cat friendly. I moved the kit from above the toilet to the front of the tank- where the cat would be in view, I also used Velcro to mount so I could adjust and remove more easily, and I removed the toilet seat lid as this was no longer needed after training and I didn’t want to chance anyone leaving it down and preventing the cat from using the toilet.
The cats quickly adjusted to this new device on the toilet. They learned that when they are done going it will make a sound and then the toilet will flush. My kitten is sometimes amused by this and runs back to watch the toilet flush.
I just ordered a second flusher for my other bathroom so the cats now have 2 places to go, it’s eco friendly and it saves water and money even when us humans use the toilet!
Here are two video clips of my cats using the toilet with the FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System.” – Kitten Hallie – Cat Piper