Niagara, Jacuzzi, Saniflow, Gerber | Dual Flush Retrofit Compatibility

Most toilets sold in the US, regardless of branding, come from one of the big 4 manufacturers: American Standard, Kohler, Mansfield or Toto.  However, there are a few smaller and lesser known suppliers as well, including the list above and several others.

Between all the suppliers and various store brands, there are 100’s of different toilet models on the market today and many hundreds more have been produced over the years, all with varying tank dimensions and hardware standards.  Most of the higher profile tank models can be retrofitted with a dual flush kit, but some of the compact models may not have enough space or height inside the tank.

In determining whether a dual flush kit will fit a given model and which kit to select, the overall tank dimensions, drain size and cutout for the flush handle or push button actuator need to be measured.

See our DIY Install tab for much more detail on toilet types, kit selection and dual flush kit installation.