Toto | Dual Flush Retrofit Compatibility

Toto is a Japanese toilet manufacturer and the largest supplier in the world with several hundred different toilet models.  They have produced many hundreds more over the years, all with varying tank dimensions and hardware standards.  Some of the higher profile tank models can be retrofitted with a dual flush kit, but most of them are compact models that either already incorporate dual flush or water conservation components or may not have enough space or height inside the tank.

In determining whether a dual flush kit will fit a given model and which kit to select, the  overall tank dimensions, drain size and cutout for the flush handle or push button actuator need to be measured.

See our DIY Install tab for much more detail on toilet types, kit selection and dual flush kit installation.

A legacy in the making

TOTO has always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. Through almost a century rich with innovation, the company has changed the perception of what a bathroom can be and how it can be used. The founder, Kazuchika Okura, had a vision more than one hundred years ago in 1912, before the concept of public sewage systems was widespread in Japan. After seeing more advanced systems overseas, he decided to establish a ceramic sanitaryware laboratory to develop healthier and cleaner living spaces.
In 1917, Okura founded Toyo Toki K.K. (which became known as TOTO LTD.) to supply the market with these products. TOTO was founded on a commitment to provide a comfortable living space for people, while always protecting the planet and its water.


Japan’s rich artistic heritage in pottery and porcelain is alive in every product created to this today. The company has remained true to the Japanese traditions that have shaped the company motto and philosophy:
Take pride in your work, and strive to do your best.
TOTO strives to create a great company that is trusted by people around the world and to contribute to the betterment of society. To achieve this philosophy, TOTO will:
• Protect the global environment by conserving finite natural resources and energy.
• Create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built on their plumbing products.
• Pursue customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations with their products and services.
• Provide high-quality products and services through ongoing research and development.