Mansfield | Dual Flush Retrofit Compatibility

Mansfield manufactures over 100 different toilet models, all made in the USA.  They have produced many hundreds more over the years, all with varying tank dimensions and hardware standards.  Many of the older higher profile tank models can be retrofitted with a dual flush kit, but some of the newer and more compact models may not have enough space or height inside the tank.

In determining whether a dual flush kit will fit a given model and which kit to select, the  overall tank dimensions, drain size and cutout for the flush handle or push button actuator need to be measured.

See our DIY Install tab for much more detail on toilet types, kit selection and dual flush kit installation.

More About Mansfield Toilets . . .

Mansfield toilets are known for being well designed with strong flushing performance.  This is often due in part to their common use of a vertical piston flush valve inside the tank instead of a standard flapper.  The Mansfield valve design allows for stronger water flow out of the tank and then a more positive seal to prevent leaking as is commonly seen with flappers.

The design also more closely matches a dual flush valve with its canister shape, so the dual flush retrofit may be a little easier to install since the internal tank components are already arranged around the similar canister valve type.