About Us

Why pay more from online retailers when you can buy factory direct?

The reason we can SELL FOR LESS is because we are a direct-to-customer business with low overhead and no middle men.

Water Saver Products, LLC is an independent, family-owned business registered and based in Mebane, NC.

We are not only committed to saving water and saving money, but also to incorporating responsible GREEN business practices throughout our operation.

We Are About Made in the USA Sourcing

All of our products are designed, assembled and shipped exclusively from our US locations and most carry US trademarks or patents.

We also do our best to source the parts and supplies that we buy from other US suppliers as well, but that is not always possible these days as some types of manufacturing are simply no longer done in the US.

For any parts or items sourced outside the US, we specify the build quality standards and require documentation and pictures showing that the production standards and facilities are in compliance with those standards.  We also require pictures of the labor force and working conditions to ensure that all employees are treated fairly in a comfortable environment.

We Are About Saving Water

Our quest to conserve water in a practical manner began at our own farm, having endured years of drought and many experiments with different water saving techniques. We understand the practical issues surrounding available hardware, installation and cost.

Consequently, Water Saver Products was founded in 2005 to provide a reliable source of quality water conservation products for home, garden and business.  As the operation grew, it was later organized into an LLC to focus more on sink and toilet retrofit products and was registered in the state of North Carolina in 2012 :

  • By “reliable”, we mean a business you can trust to know its products and to provide excellent customer service.
  • By “quality”, we mean products that are either designed and manufactured in the USA or specified and tested to our own standards.

Further, we operate a GREEN business wherever possible, using web media for instructional reference instead of endless paper manuals and minimal recycled packaging instead of bloated retail blister packs with a lot of useless marketing hype.

We also work to package and ship effectively, charging REASONABLE SHIPPING COSTS and never adding any “processing or handling” fees to inflate our prices. Any inadvertent overcharges for shipping due to our ordering system will be REFUNDED and confirmed delivery is always GUARANTEED.

Saving Water is Saving Money

Water conservation in the home and at the office is a simple, effective and practical way to present a responsible GREEN intiative while saving money at the same time. You don’t need to invest a lot of time, money or even change the way you do things now very much to get measurable results.

For example, the next time you hear your toilet running and realize it’s time for repair, that’s the perfect time to install one of our Flush Saver Dual Flush Kits. Regardless of what you may have heard or read elsewhere, you DON’T need a new toilet to have a modern dual flush system. Our kits work with most all older or newer toilet tank sizes and designs. So instead of needlessly replacing your toilet or repairing it by installing yet another junky single flush kit from your local home improvement store, let us help you find the right Flush Saver Dual Flush kit.

For just a little more money, you can have a quality dual flush system that will both save water and last a much longer time, avoiding the hassle of doing it all over again in a few short years. So how much water is actually saved with a dual flush kit?

A single toilet in a family of four, over one year, will save approximately 10,000 gallons per year . . . that’s about one month of average home water usage.

Any good plumber can install these kits in 30 minutes or less, but if you’re the Do-It-Yourself type, we provide instructions and videos on this site to walk you through each step.  See recommended skills and typical tools required for kit installation HERE.

Saving Water is Common Sense

Everywhere you look, this once plentiful natural resource, long taken for granted, is becoming more expensive and even scarce in some areas. It is common knowledge that water rights are openly for sale on the Internet, that municipalities have been selling off their water systems to private and foreign investors for short-term revenue gains and that regardless of the specific details surrounding climate change, long-term drought is happening right now in many areas.

Remember the infamous Enron scandal? Had the company continued to operate, their next bigger conquest beyond oil trading was to buy up and control water rights on a global scale. People who know water know it’s the next BIG THING to directly impact consumers in the wallet.


  • Only 3% of all the world’s water is fresh, with only a fraction of that available
  • Most fresh water is owned or controlled by corporations or municipalities
  • The average person in America consumes 2,000 gallons per day
  • The average family in American pays $30 – $100 per month for water
  • One pound of beef requires 1,800 gallons to raise
  • A one pound potato takes 120 gallons to grow

* Compiled from the National Geographic Freshwater Initiative, USGS, and WWF, UK

Our Comprehensive Green Business and Recycle Program

Instead of using senseless and redundant product packaging with a lot of marketing hype, all of our products are BULK PACKED in plain simple wrappers. Further, while we do include basic printed instructions with each item, we publish complete product guides and “how to” videos on this site, reducing our paper demands. What you won’t get is a lot of marketing fluff, blister packs and cardboard, but what you will get is a GREAT product and online support.

Instead of throwing away incoming cartons and packaging materials, we take the time to cut up the cartons and shred the cardboard sheet material for use as our primary packing material.  You will usually see this shred material used in our various kits and larger case shipments.  We also sort and recycle any other packing materials that are suitable for effective safe shipping of our various products.

We then work closely with the local authorities at the Orange County Recycle Center near our office in Hillsborough, NC to ensure that all toxic electronic materials and associated scrap metals are sorted and disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Equipment and Scrap Recycle Center Address:
Orange County Solid Waste and Recycle Center – 3605 Walnut Church Grove Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278