dual flush conversion kit – retrofit your existing toilet

You can convert any toilet to save water by using a dual flush conversion kit. We stock a range of universal dual flush conversion kits that you can install yourself with no mess or fuss in under 15 minutes.

Dual flush conversion kit – retrofit your existing toilet

Dual flush toilets have become increasingly popular because of the increasing awareness of environmental concerns, but also increasing financial pressure.  You can use a dual flush conversion kit to turn your existing toilet into a water saving toilet and reduce your utility bill at the end of each month. Dual flush toilets give you the option to perform a full flush for solid waste or a half flush for liquid waste. With this design, you’re not only conserving water, but by doing that you’re also saving money on your water bill.

Choosing the right dual flush conversion kit

There are dual flush conversion kits for all different makes and  types of toilets. You should choose the correct kit based on the size of the inside drain and the style of toilet and actuator that you have. Here is a tool to help you choose an appropriate kit: Help me choose a dual flush conversion kit.

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water saving toilets – reduce, reuse, retrofit

Toilets use about 30% of the total water used in a household. An old style single flush toilet can use up to 13 liters of water in one flush. New, more water-efficient dual-flush water saving toilets use only 8-9 liters for a full flush and 4-5 liters with a reduced flush. A family of four can save a swimming pool of water a year by using a water saving toilets.

water saving toilets that reduce the amount used per flush (dual flush toilets)

Dual flush toilets have become incredibly popular in areas such as Asia, Europe, Australia, South Africa and are fast catching on in the States. Most toilets sold today include a dual flush option; one for flushing solid waste and one for liquid waste. Flushing liquid waste naturally will use much less water than flushing solid waste.
These toilets work differently from standard toilets. Where a standard toilet will use a siphoning method to get rid of the waste, a dual flush toilet has a larger trap way in the bottom of the bowl and pushes waste out. The latter uses much less water – under 4.5 liters is used for a short flush and about 9 liters for a long flush – and waste goes out more easily.
With this design, you’re not only conserving water, but by doing that you’re also saving money on your water bill. Dual flush toilets save almost 70% of the water that is typically required for a standard toilet, and replacing an older toilet would generate much more savings. With the rising cost of water and increasing concern for preserving our environment, it is easy to see why the dual-flush toilet is becoming so popular in our world today. Although these toilets cost slightly more than standard toilets, the price difference has narrowed significantly, you find that the long-term savings will quickly add up.
It is also possible to retrofit your existing toilets at home or at the office with a dual flush conversion kit and make.

water saving toilets that reuse grey water and or rain water to flush

Even greater savings can be achieved by recycling bath, shower, rain water (this is called grey water) to flush toilets. Soon legislation will force the installation of dual flush toilets in all new buildings in many countries around the world. On property upgrades or ownership changes on existing buildings, owners will be forced to replace old toilets with dual flush or convert the existing toilet to dual flush.

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Dual flush toilet kit – Easy to fit, start saving today

Water conservation at home is becoming a more important issue all the time and it has been proven that toilets waste more water than any other home appliances. The WaterSaver dual flush toilet kit is a conversion system. It will help you save water by retrofitting your existing toilet. Once fitted to your toilet the dual flush toilet kit allows you to select either a small flush (for number one) or a regular flush (for number two). Both the small flush and the regular flush are enough to fully cycle and empty the bowl.

With one of our dual flush toilet kits you can easily convert your existing toilet into a water-saving dual flush toilet in as little as 15 minutes (Watch our video and read FAQ’s on how to install a dual flush toilet kit). We stock universal dual flush toilet conversion kits to fit most types and brands of toilets. We also have this handy tool to help you choose the type of dual flush toilet conversion kit you need. We also offer packs of three so that you can convert all of the toilets in your home to dual flush water saving technology.

How to install a WaterSaver dual flush toilet kit – EasyFit drop in installation


Some benefits of using WaterSaver dual flush toilet kit

  • Use less water, save money and do your part for the environment
  • Quality parts and seals lasts for many years
  • 12 month Warranty of all products
  • Fully adjustable full flush and small flush
  • Can be retrofitted to almost any toilet
  • Converts your existing toilet to Dual Flush Technology
  • Automatically saves water
  • Precise and powerful flushing action
  • Fully adjustable for a wide range of settings
  • EasyFit drop-in installation, no tank removal or mess


How much water and money can I save using a dual flush toilet kit?

In most households, the toilets use more water than any other appliance including the shower, dishwasher or clothes washer. An average family of 4 can save over 10,000 gallons per year with dual-flush and depending on the local water rates, can easily pay for the conversion kit in a couple of months of savings off the utility bill.

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