dual flush conversion kit – retrofit your existing toilet

You can convert any toilet to save water by using a dual flush conversion kit. We stock a range of universal dual flush conversion kits that you can install yourself with no mess or fuss in under 15 minutes.

Dual flush conversion kit – retrofit your existing toilet

Dual flush toilets have become increasingly popular because of the increasing awareness of environmental concerns, but also increasing financial pressure.  You can use a dual flush conversion kit to turn your existing toilet into a water saving toilet and reduce your utility bill at the end of each month. Dual flush toilets give you the option to perform a full flush for solid waste or a half flush for liquid waste. With this design, you’re not only conserving water, but by doing that you’re also saving money on your water bill.

Choosing the right dual flush conversion kit

There are dual flush conversion kits for all different makes and  types of toilets. You should choose the correct kit based on the size of the inside drain and the style of toilet and actuator that you have. Here is a tool to help you choose an appropriate kit: Help me choose a dual flush conversion kit.

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